By: Dal Milin



Posted by DM Real Estate Staff on Monday, July 10th, 2017 at 11:36am.
Summer is a busy season, but it is not always a buying season when it comes to home sales. So how do you go about ‘Selling Your Home During the “Off Season” of Summer’? We’re here to help explain that as well as assist you during the process!

Setting Your Price & Knowing Your Flexibility

Spring is historically the most popular time to buy/sell a home in the Lower Mainland, so in the past – homes would sit on the market for longer than usual during the summer months. However, with the housing market in Metro Vancouver still being a seller’s haven, appealing to buyers with a fair market price will have your home being sold more quickly and without concern.

DM Real Estate is here to help you find the accurate selling price for your area, from which you will need to figure out if you have any negotiating room within that – keeping in mind that purchasing another home in the Lower Mainland is also going to come at a set price, so profit vs. loss should also be part of your negotiating terms when setting your price and knowing your flexibility.

Setting the Stage for a Summer Sale

As with any season, staging your home to sell is an important part of the process. Because there will likely be less people coming through your home to view it, based solely on the fact that a lot of people are on vacation over the summer months, it is important to capitalize on the ones who do come by, and make your home as “sell-worthy” as possible.

The basics apply to selling in the summer months as they do any other time of the year, and include: clearing the walkway and making your entrance an appealing opening act, setting out fresh flowers both inside and outside the home, providing refreshments if you feel so inclined, making small home improvements such as upgrading the kitchen and bathroom cabinet hardware, and/or replacing carpet for hardwood. Small improvements that make a massive impact.

As well, because summer can be fueled by a warm climate, ensure your home is a pleasant temperature. If people are coming to view a sweltering home, that will leave a lasting impression of discomfort. So consider investing in an air conditioner if you find that your home is uncomfortably hot, as this will make a world of difference in selling your home in a timely manner.

As your Lower Mainland Real Estate Specialist, DM Real Estate can help you make the right selling decision that best benefit you, as well as the best buying decision for a long-term real estate investment in Metro Vancouver.  

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